The human heart is distended until it is as big as all outdoors.
there are uncharted moral wastes over which only our dim consciences, briefed by a conscientious assessment of probable consequences, are our faltering guides.

(W.V.O. Quine, Quiddities)

I study programming and philosophy and work as a software engineer.

Guided by concern for the wellbeing of the disadvantaged and for humanity's future, I work to apply what is learned through my studies to benefit those in need of care.

I approach programming from the perspective of Programming Language Theory. Leveraging my training in philosophy and literary theory, I evolve coherent designs responsive to user's genuine needs. My methodology combines systematic analysis and type-driven modeling of the problem domain together with compassionate communication with users. In my years of working experience as a software engineer, I have learned to implement, document, and deploy the resulting programs reliably and efficiently.

If you are a kindred spirit I'd be happy to hear from you!